San Francisco 2013

Lately I've been so focused on school, adventuring, shooting, and editing. And because of that, I haven't put any effort towards sharing any of those photos with you. I remembered why I fell in love with documentary photography. To share my experiences with all of my friends and family. So I connected the dots, buckled down and here we are. I'm going to the Dominican Republic for a missions trip on May 19 so I want to use the time between now and then to catch up on all the crazy adventures I've been blessed with throughout the last year or so. We're gonna kick it off with my road trip to San Fran in August with a few of my closest friends. This kinda started of with me talking to my good friend Brandon and telling him how we need to go on a weekend road trip and really spend some good time together before he left for college. In reality, his school is only an hour away from my house. We just needed an excuse to go and explore this beautiful city. We made one rule and that was that we wouldn't plan a single thing. So that was that, we packed our bags and headed of to the city. This is our adventure.

Overall, the trip was full of laughter, pizza, poker, kind strangers, naps and more pizza. Irresponsibility was not of short supply. For more photos and stories check out the #tmirt2013 hashtag on instagram!