Dominican Republic Part 1

What a humbling experience. I just got back from my trip to the Dominican Republic. We went there with the purpose of just pouring out God's love on people and helping in whatever way possible. We went and did medical outreaches in the slums, spent time with the kids in the children's hospital and spent time with an amazing group of men in a rehab center. The Dominican Republic is full of the most loving people. The children carry such a joy and love for life. The elderly had such wisdom and appreciation. All around these people walked with such humility and knew the true meaning of community. These are only a few photos of the first few days of our time in The Dominican Republic. Enjoy the photographs. I can not wait to share stories with you all.

For a collection of photos from everyone on the team, check out the hashtag #inctakesdr on instagram. I am also currently working on a photo book with more photos from the trip and journal entries from the team. I want to produce something to give back to all the people that partnered with us in prayer and finances. If you are interested in a book or have any question, feel free to drop me an email or text message. Stay tuned for Part 2!